Casino Amusements Canada offers experience in working with both the private sector and governments with regard to the commercial gaming industry including horseracing. CAC has consulted on matters such as project development, operations, marketing and player development, internal controls, regulatory compliance and corporate governance for over 35 years.

CAC, a pioneer in the development of casino gaming in Canada was a partner in the operating agreement of the CNE Casino (Canadian National Exhibition), Ontario’s first mega casino from 1992 until 1996. During that time the CNE Casino expanded from 20 table games to become one of the world’s largest table game casinos with 165 games.

Recent Projects

  • Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic International Junket Marketing Program

    CAC until recently was the International Junket Marketing Office for the fabulous Hard Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and had an international network of over 50 gaming commission approved junket representatives working in most regions of the U.S.A., Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean and Europe prepared to assist you. For full information on the Hard Rock Punta Cana Casino Resort please activate the following site,


    We currently have a network of 40 internationally licensed casino junket representatives working for us in over 50 cities in the United States, Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean and Europe. If you are interested in discussing how this professional team of experienced junket operators, who current represent over 500,000 hi rollers from around the North American continent, can benefit your business, please contact us.